How to use Text to Give

Using Text to Give for your donations at Jesus House Huntsville is very simple. Follow the steps below

Simply text (without the quotes)

First Time User

  • If this is your first time, simply text “GIVE” to 205 509 4325
    1. You will be redirected to a quick form where you can add your debit card information.
    2. This payment method is very secured, and we will never at any time have your payment information.

Returning User

  • Text the amount you want to donate e.g “100” to 205 509 4325
    1. You can designate your donation e.g “100 Offering” or “100 Thite”
    2. You can set up automatic scheduling e.g “100 Monthly”, “100 Tithe Monthly, “40 Offering Weekly”, or “200 Fortnightly”.

Other Commands

  1. Text “cancel auto” to cancel automated giving.
  2. Add “cover” to cover the fees f one transaction, e.g “100 Offering cover”.
  3. Add “cover fees on” to cover fees on ALL text donations.
  4. Text “card” to add a new payment method.
  5. Text “refund” to refund your last transaction.
  6. Text “Options” to see the initial list of options again.

For more information, watch the video below.